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1 feelings of anxiety that make you tense and irritable [syn: edginess, inquietude, disquietude]
2 physical discomfort (as mild sickness or depression) [syn: malaise, unease]
3 embarrassment deriving from the feeling that others are critically aware of you [syn: self-consciousness, uncomfortableness]
4 the trait of seeming ill at ease [syn: disquiet, unease]
5 inability to rest or relax or be still [syn: restlessness]

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  1. the state of being uneasy, nervous or restless
  2. an anxious state of mind; anxiety


the state of being uneasy
an anxious state of mind

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

Faustianism, abashment, agitation, all-overs, angst, anguish, anxiety, anxiety hysteria, anxiety neurosis, anxious bench, anxious concern, anxious seat, anxiousness, apprehension, apprehensiveness, attack of nerves, boredom, breathless impatience, buck fever, cankerworm of care, care, case of nerves, chafing, cheerlessness, chills of fear, cold comfort, cold creeps, cold shivers, cold sweat, concern, concernment, confusion, creeps, disappointment, discomfiture, discomfort, discomposure, disconcertion, disconcertment, discontent, discontentedness, discontentment, disgruntlement, dislike, displeasure, disquiet, disquietude, dissatisfaction, dissatisfiedness, distress, disturbance, divine discontent, dread, dullness, eagerness, emptiness, ennui, envy, excessive irritability, excitement, existential woe, fear, fear and trembling, fidgetiness, fidgets, flatness, foreboding, forebodingness, fretfulness, fretting, goose bumps, gooseflesh, grimness, haste, heartquake, horripilation, ill humor, impatience, impatientness, impetuousness, inquietude, jimjams, joylessness, lack of pleasure, lather, malaise, misgiving, morbid excitability, nausea, nerves, nervosity, nervous stomach, nervous strain, nervous tension, nervousness, nongratification, nonsatisfaction, overanxiety, painfulness, palpitation, panic, panickiness, peevishness, perturbation, petulance, pins and needles, pucker, quaking, querulousness, quiver of terror, rebelliousness, resentment, restiveness, restlessness, savorlessness, shivers, solicitude, sourness, spell of nerves, spleen, stage fright, staleness, state of nerves, stew, strain, sulkiness, suspense, sweat, tastelessness, tediousness, tedium, tense readiness, tension, thrill of fear, tic, trepidation, trepidity, trouble, twitching, uncomfortableness, unease, unfulfillment, unhappiness, unpatientness, unpleasure, unquietness, unsatisfaction, upset, vellication, vexation, vexation of spirit, worry, zeal
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